GovCon 30 Day Challenge

"Government Contracting is not a's just a process." Neil McDonnell



How does it work?

This is NOT your 'typical training'!
This is LIVE with the founder of the HUBZone Chamber of Commerce and other small businesses who are holding each other accountable.
Jumpstart your government contracting with us!
Watch the videos below to see what you'll achieve every week!

LIVE 60 Minute Sessions Daily

Neil will walk you through each key step. You'll have time to DO EACH TASK and ask questions.

Together, we will solve problems or obstacles you encounter along the way.

Real Outcomes

Within 30 days, you'll be connecting with ACTUAL federal agency buyers!

Your new GovCon business profile and Capability Statement will help you rise above your competition!

Amazing Value

ONLY $200!

30 HOURS of TRAINING, plus extensive  additional resources

Learn from Neil's  20+ years as a successful small business government contractor.

Online 'Members Only' Community

All Small Business Success Club members can benefit from peer review, expand their network, discuss specific contract opportunities and build relationships.


WEEK ONE Make Your Company 'Visible' to Federal Buyers

Did you know 75% of ALL Small Businesses are virtually INVISIBLE to the federal buyer?

Whether you started your company 10 days or 10 years ago, your and DSBS profiles must be filled in correctly.

This is the first place the government goes to find small businesses that sell what you sell.

Your business profile is the very foundation of your marketing.
Imagine buyers knocking on your door instead of you having to find them!

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WEEK TWO Compelling Capability Statements

Did you know you only have 6 seconds to grab your reader's attention, before they ...

  1. forward it to someone who buys what you sell
  2. ask you to tell them more or
  3. 'file' it aside for "the future."

A strong Capability Statement is designed to open doors.

Poorly written statements go into the 'bottomless drawer'.

In Week 2, we will help you create a fresh Capability Statement for your business that is clear, concise and compelling. 

Sign me up - Rock my Capability Statement!

WEEK THREE Maximize Social Media

Did you know LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies?

Now, the federal government is also seeing the value of communicating on social media platforms and is encouraging its use internally. 

An effective Social Media strategy will help you engage your customers and build relationships with prospects.

In Week 3, you will create both personal and company LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to showcase your core competencies to larger audience.

We'll show you how to identify and start building relationships with key influencers in your industry.

Sign me up - Social Media's for me!

WEEK FOUR Target One Agency

Did you know there is no OFFICIAL list of US federal government agencies?!

Which federal agency is the best match for YOUR goods and services?

In Week 4, we help you identify YOUR primary target agency.

Can you help them achieve THEIR mission?

Who are the influential decision makers that specific agency?

By focusing on one specific agency, you can build relationships with contracting officers, internal specialists and strategic teaming partners.

Sign me up - Choose my target agency!

WEEK FIVE Teaming Relationships

Did you know that subcontracting with businesses that manage prime contracts is the most effective path to success?

In Week 5, Neil shows you exactly how to jumpstart your contracting success by building relationships and developing performance history.

Learn to find successful small business contractors similar to you.

Who is already succeeding in your target agency?

This week you'll learn how to find companies with contract vehicles that your target agency uses most.

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WEEK SIX Agency Outreach

Week 6 is full of ACTION. 

This week you will make 'first-contact' by reaching out to that specific agency you think might be a good fit to your business.

Who is involved in market research and acquisition life-cycles?

This week, you will contact these people to introduce yourself and start building relationships with them.

Relationship develop over time and in a variety of ways. We'll review the differences between social media and direct engagement and we'll set some measurable goals for the process.

The last step of your GovCon 30 Day Challenge is to create your personalized 30 Day Follow Up Plan.

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